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Meet Furbacca, the new 'Star Wars' Furby

Furby is back and ready to take on the galaxy as everyone's favorite Wookiee. He sounds like Chewbacca and even hums the "Star Wars" theme song.

Furbacca's eyes are even more expressive than Chewie's. Mashable

You don't have to be Han Solo to get your own Wookiee sidekick. Now thanks to Hasbro, the next generation of the electronic robotic Furby toy will look like Chewbacca. He's covered in brown fur and wears Chewie's signature bandolier (with little eggs instead of ammo).

Aptly named, Furbacca will be available in the fall priced at $79.99 (about £52 or AU$104). Furbacca, like other Furbies, has an accompanying app for iOS and Android that lets you virtually feed him, bathe him and play games with him.

"For example, if you tell the app to give Furbacca a shower, he'll make cute little noises as though he's getting clean," Mashable reported.

"There are sensors on his head, under his stomach, mouth and tail, so if you give him a little scratch between the ears, he'll love you even more," Mashable added. "If you pull his tail, he gets cranky -- you can see the anger building in his LCD eyes."

His LCD eyes also display pictures of Imperial Star Destroyers and X-Wing Fighters, depending on his mood at the moment. He runs on four AA batteries and a lot of love.

Give Furbacca a scratch behind the ears and he might let you win at Dejarik. Mashable