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Thor is still a terrible roommate in return of 'Team Thor'

Thor and his long-suffering roommate Darryl return in a new entry to the "Team Thor" series that shows what the superhero does when he isn't busy saving the world.

Last year, we learned what superhero Thor (Chris Hemsworth) was up to during the dramatic events of The Avengers movie "Captain America: Civil War." He was hanging out with his roommate Darryl Jacobson in Australia, fighting boredom and using Darryl to help him write emails to Iron Man Tony Stark.

On Tuesday, Marvel Entertainment released "Team Thor: Pt. 2, Where Are They Now?" as a follow-up to the original mockumentary-style short.

Thor is a terrible, terrible roommate. The new video finds Darryl in another frustrating situation with the alien superhero, as he tries to explain how pumpkins and Asgardian coins won't pay the rent. Thor hangs out in board shorts on a bike and laughs at the suggestion of getting a job. Poor Darryl.

The video is a long teaser. The full second part of "Team Thor" is available as a bonus feature with the "Doctor Strange" DVD and digital releases. Considering the popularity of the Thor-and-Darryl odd couple, that's a pretty tempting carrot to throw in with "Doctor Strange."