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After seeing what he was up to during 'Civil War', we're definitely Team Thor

Send ravens to everyone you know, because "Team Thor", the short film that debuted at Comic-Con, is now available online.

Whatever happened to the son of Odin? If you were a bit miffed by Thor's absence from "Captain America: Civil War," you're in good company, because there's a short film that answers that very question. (Short version: No one called him).

The clip was first shown at this year's San Diego Comic-Con, when "Thor: Ragnarok" director Taika Waititi took to the stage to show off a sizzle reel for the upcoming third Thor film. While written reports of "Team Thor" started to circulate after it made an extremely limited debut at the convention, you can now watch it for yourself in full on the Marvel Studios twitter account.

Now that it's online, watch what the Thunder God, his hammer Mjolnir and his new flatmate Darryl Jacobson were up to while the rest of the Avengers were infighting during "Civil War".

The mockumentary is also incredibly reminiscent of "What We Do In The Shadows," Waititi's vampire comedy. That you should all go watch immediately after finishing this article.

The short clip will feature on the "Captain America: Civil War" home entertainment release, out September 2. If you're waiting to see Thor in a less cutoff-wearing capacity, Hemsworth is currently filming "Thor: Ragnarok", scheduled for release in October 2017.