The Mandalorian cast explains why it's unlike anything we've ever seen in Star Wars

Episode 1 has dropped, hear the cast explain what's so different about The Mandalorian.

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The Mandalorian is coming.


Episode 1 of The Mandalorian has just dropped on Disney Plus and early buzz around the show is strong

Now that the show is out and available to watch, why not check out the cast of The Mandalorian trying to explain precisely why it's completely unlike anything we've seen in the Star Wars universe to date? 

"[In] previous Star Wars films and experiences, the world[s] of good and evil are very, very defined," said Pedro Pascal, who plays the Mandalorian gunfighter himself. "Now that we're in a post-Empire outer reaches of the galaxy kind of world, those lines are a lot blurrier."

Episode 1 was a great start, but personally, I'm extremely excited to get invested in a show like this, set in the Star Wars universe. Also, hard to go wrong with Werner Herzog in the cast. Roll on episode 2.

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Originally published Nov. 10.