The Mandalorian: Early reactions to Disney Plus' 'truly incredible' Star Wars show

Sounds like The Mandalorian could be pretty special.

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Mark Serrels

Lookin' good.


The Mandalorian is set to launch Nov. 12 as the centrepiece of Disney's new streaming service Disney Plus , but over the weekend Lucasfilm screened 27 minutes of the upcoming show to a select group of journalists.

The reaction? Unanimously positive. Early responses to the Jon Favreau-helmed mega-show were almost hyperbolic is their praise. It looks like The Mandalorian may actually deliver on a high-quality, original, fresh take on the Star Wars universe.

The above tweet sums up the majority of the reaction, which you can check out below:

So far so good. Still, it's a good idea to hold back the hype train. These types of early Twitter reactions tend to be positive, even if the movie or TV show isn't all it's cracked up to be. That said, it's been a while since we've seen reactions this strong, especially surrounding something from the Star Wars universe.

Perhaps the most interesting part: All reactions seem to promise a different type of Star Wars experience. Something more western than sci-fi. That in and of itself sounds incredibly compelling.

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