Tennis star tweets his love for Galaxy S4 -- from his iPhone

There's something slightly careless about being a paid endorser of one brand and using its biggest competitor to say so.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
OUT! Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Occasionally we sprinkle advice around here. It's intended to be both gracious and helpful.

Today's homily is for those who are paid by cell phone manufacturers to use their phones.

The advice is this: Please, please remember to use their phones.

I mention this only because of the latest telephonic faux pas committed by the very fetching Spanish tennis player David Ferrer.

It's the Madrid Open this week, so he thought he'd inform his almost 370,000 Twitter followers that he was so very, very happy with his new Samsung Galaxy S4.

Perhaps his competitive adrenaline was pumping a little too quickly. Perhaps his enthusiasm for the Galaxy S4 was so great that he has little control over his hands and mind.

It seems, though, as AppleInsider reports, that he sent his tweet from an iPhone.

Speculation suggests it even might have been his iPhone.

The tweet was removed quickly and replaced with one that didn't have the giveaway phrase "Via Twitter for iPhone."

Now his fans can bathe in the pure knowledge that he is using the S4's S Health feature to assist his Spartan training regimen.

Someone at Samsung might not be so happy. For one suspects that Ferrer was being paid to send this tweet.

Ferrer is not the first to have hand-faulted a promotional gaffe.

Who could forget Oprah offering just how much she loved her Microsoft Surface -- from her iPad?

Then there was new BlackBerry Creative Director Alicia Keys. She managed to send a tweet about Drake from her iPhone. (She claimed, perhaps unconvincingly, that she was hacked.)

Some might see a certain consistency here. The mistweets always seem to come from Apple products.

At a time when loyalty to the Apple brand is being questioned by some, it's odd to see so many seemingly unable to keep away from its products.

Even when they're paid to do so.