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O, Oprah! Tweeting your love for the Surface... on an iPad?

In what some might see as an unfortunate oversight, Oprah emotes her love for one of her favorite things of the year using something that might be called, well, a competitor.

In life, you have to get your story straight. Especially if you're a public figure. If your story becomes crooked, you might too -- even if it's a mere accident.

It's hard to know, for example, whether Microsoft's new Surface is one of Oprah's favorite things or not. It was very much on her recently-published list. She compared it to a Mercedes.

This might only mean, sadly, that she believes her iPad is a Ferrari.

For, in tweeting her continued love for the Surface, she made something of an O-Pas. Yes, she used her iPad. TechCrunch was one of those that spotted this interesting juxtaposition.

Those who follow Oprah will know that she does much of her tweeting from her iPad. Why, only a couple of years ago she announced it was her favorite thing ever.

Gadgets are like lovers. We say we've forgotten the last one, and then we get caught out by the new one, staring at the old one's LinkedIn page.

I wonder how Oprah is feeling about it all today. Almost as much as I'm wondering whether Microsoft just might be feeling a little hurt.