BlackBerry's Alicia Keys tweets from iPhone, claims a hack

It's not easy being the new creative director of BlackBerry. One thing you must remember is to always use it for public communication systems. Like Twitter.

Chris Matyszczyk
2 min read
Truth or dare? Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you've done product launches for Nokia, regularly use an iPhone, and are now creative director of BlackBerry, perhaps one smartphone just looks like another.

Perhaps, though, when you're the new creative director of BlackBerry, it's best to leave your iPhone at home.

Otherwise, bad things might happen. Like tweeting from it. Or having someone hack it and tweet from it.

As the Verge reports, Keys today offered the profound thought: "Started from the bottom now were here," to all of her Twitter followers.

This obvious spontaneity seems to have been sent from a Twitter for iPhone app.

It was removed shortly afterward.

It was replaced, however, with an interesting explanation: "What the h*ll?!!!! Looks like I've been hacked... I like @Drake but that wasn't my tweet :-(."

The inability to utter the word "hell" clearly shows that Keys is an upstanding woman, one who would never, ever use an iPhone -- um, I mean tell a lie.

As the Inspector Clouseau of the Twitterdome, I already have searing and profound questions.

Who would have hacked her Twitter account? By using the word "hacked" doesn't she carelessly exclude the idea that some stray assistant/PR person happened to send the tweet? That is always a good explanation.

And why would Alicia Keys be tweeting the title to Drake's new single?

Well, Drake has written songs for her and she has performed with him.

But if one can truly believe her potentially Weinerian explanation, won't suspicion tumble upon Drake himself?

Or might there be some tragically Drake-obsessed hacker who got hold of her password and thought it might be imperative to tinkle upon Keys' reputation?

Or might she have merely been so taken with the imperative to tweet about her friend Drake's new single that she grabbed the first gadget to hand and it happened to be her iPhone, not her brand new, wonderful Z10?

It's true that there has been something of a hacking meme wafting around Twitter today.

But Pocket-Lint offers a tantalizing glimpse of her dressing room at the Grammys. There, not one, but two iPhones are to be seen on her dressing table.

An iPhone 4S is positioned so close to Keys' fingers that all she would have to do is lift her arm up and her extremities would naturally meet its keyboard and want to communicate.

This girl is on fire. Who will douse it?