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Rapunzel's hair grows back, with attitude, in 'Tangled' sequel

Hair today, gone tomorrow: The Disney Channel movie gives the princess back her long locks, and she's not happy about it.

It's a big fat hairy deal. As Disney fans recall, Rapunzel lost her magical swirling hair at the end of the 2010 movie "Tangled." And it remains gone in the 2012 short "Tangled: Ever After."

But in between those two stories, she apparently gets that hair back with all its benefits and drawbacks, according to a trailer posted Friday for the new Disney Channel movie "Tangled: Before Ever After," coming sometime in March.

"Did you see the 70 feet of 'my-father's-going-to-kill-me' growing from my head?" Rapunzel asks after the long locks suddenly reappear on her head. And when she tries to have it cut off, the hair proves that's not going to be too easy, shattering a pair of scissors on contact.

Rapunzel, Flynn "Eugene" Rider, Pascal the chameleon and sassy horse Maximus are all back, along with real-life actors Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi reprising their roles as the long-haired princess and Rider respectively.

The movie is a preview of a full-on Disney Channel show that's also on the way, called "Tangled: The Series," coming sometime later in 2017. Hair-raising!

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