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Drew Barrymore feeds on flesh in new 'Santa Clarita Diet'

Bloody good, or in bad taste? The actress chows down on humans in the Netflix comedy-horror series, which also stars Timothy Olyphant.

It's not what you eat, it's who you eat. Netflix has released two trailers for its upcoming original series, "Santa Clarita Diet," and kale and quinoa aren't on the menu -- though Kelly and Quinn might be.

In the witty trailers, released Sunday and styled as if they were ads for a real weight-loss regimen, Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant act as if they're presenting a perfectly normal diet.

Until, that is, you catch Barrymore's brag that she can eat "whoever I want," and her noting that she only eats "the foods that deserve it" as she plucks a cube of raw red meat out of a bowl that also contains an eyeball.

In Olyphant's ad, he explains that his wife, Barrymore, feels great and looks good on her new diet, but then confesses to a "kind of intense" moment at the park involving a jerk who was throwing rocks at the ducks. Hey, like she said, he deserved it.

The stars play married real-estate agents Sheila and Joel Hammond, who somehow manage to keep their marriage and business alive after Sheila dies and comes back with a hunger for human flesh. A website,, carries off the theme with testimonials from other, uh, dieters. (Elderly Marla warns, "Watch out world, I'm coming for you!")

The horror-comedy's entire first season arrives on Netflix on February 3. Binge-watching has never been more appropriate.