Stan Lee's next superhero 'Monkey Master' draws on Chinese and Indian myths

The Marvel comics icon is the latest creator looking to the huge Chinese market.

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Comic legend Stan Lee (left) will create a new superhero drawing on Chinese and Indian legends.

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Stan Lee is looking to sprinkle a little monkey magic on a new superhero drawing on the myths of China and India. "Monkey Master" is a film conceived by the Marvel comics icon, and it's set to be produced in 2017.

The film is a Chinese and Indian co-production but is likely to be filmed in English, Variety reports.

This is the latest sign western creators see China as a huge potential market. Video game adaptation "Warcraft", another fantasy epic, recently became one of the country's biggest Western hits despite bombing in the west. Previous hits include "Captain America: Civil War", "Batman v Superman" and "Furious 7".

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But only 34 foreign films are allowed into China's cinemas per year, so studios are increasingly looking to Chinese team-ups. Matt Damon will appear in "The Great Wall", co-produced by US and Chinese companies, while "Civil War" directors the Russo brothers are also involved in crafting another Chinese superhero series.