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'Civil War' directors creating new Chinese superhero, won't be called Captain China though

Fresh from the huge hit "Captain America: Civil War", the Russo brothers will co-produce a trilogy of movies in China featuring an original superhero.


Like this guy, only less American.


Marvel may be in trouble for its handling of Asian superheroes, but that isn't stopping the men behind "Captain America: Civil War" from heading east.

Joe and Anthony Russo, codirectors of Marvel hits "Civil War" and "Winter Soldier", will help create an original Chinese superhero in three films co-produced with Beijing-based Fangjin Media. The first movie, "The Hero's Awakening", will begin production this year and arrive in theatres in 2018, followed by "Nirvana" and "The Hero's Sacrifice".

Although a spokesperson told Quartz the character will be similar to Captain America, they will not be called Captain China. That hasn't stopped the obvious nickname catching on, however.

China is an increasingly attractive market for Hollywood and Hollywood stars. Netflix recently financed the sequel to "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", while Matt Damon joins Hong Kong superstar Andy Lau in big-budget epic "The Great Wall". For more cinematic action, check out our list of sci-fi, fantasy and geek-friendly movies blowing up theatres in 2016.