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Need a stocking stuffer? How about a $9,500 fountain pen?

The Graf von Faber-Castell Pen of the Year 2014 takes handwriting to the extreme with gold, jasper, and quartz.

The deluxe pen was inspired by Russia's Catherine Palace.
Faber Castell

Does anyone write with pens anymore? How about fountain pens?

German pencil maker Faber-Castell churns out writing implements by the thousands, but it will only make 150 examples of its latest Pen of the Year.

This extravagant fountain pen is fashioned of quartz, jasper, and gold, and carries a price tag of 7,000 euros ($9,500) for its Special Edition.

Craftsman Boris Igdalov, who worked on the restoration of the Agate Pavilion outside St. Petersburg, Russia, designed the pen in two versions for the company's Graf von Faber-Castell luxury line.

Announced in October, the regular version of the pen has three large pieces of red-brown jasper embedded in a platinum-plated barrel.

The cap is adorned with Russian quartz, and production is capped at 1,000 pens with a price tag of 3,200 euros ($4,350).

The Special Edition, though, is plated with 24-carat gold and has an 18-carat gold nib. It has jasper and quartz stones on the outside, as well as a plunger mechanism with a rotary knob inside.

The Faber-Castell's 2014 Pen of the Year won't be released until next month, but you never know what Santa will deliver if you've been nice enough.

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