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Luxury Supiore Uno electric boat makes a green splash

This all-electric watercraft packs everything you'll need for splashing out in style -- minus the pollution.

Supiore Uno
The Uno has a foredeck with solar panels and a top speed of about 11 mph. Supiore

If you ever feel the need to humble yourself because of your Croesus-like excesses, go small and go green.

Those are two words to describe the Supiore Uno, a compact luxury watercraft that's all electric.

Billed as the first solar-powered electric tender, the Uno packs a barbeque, chilled wine storage, and a stereo -- perfect for a day out on the water.

The Uno debuted earlier this year from Dutch maker Supiore B.V., which has shown it off at boat shows. Production of the first two units began this month.

About 17 feet long, the Uno can seat seven people. It has a walkable foredeck with solar panels that have a capacity of about 400 watts.

When fully charged, the four AMG batteries can power the boat for about six hours at cruise speed, according to Supiore, which was founded by the father and son team of Cor and Lodewyck Beghuys.

The boat's top speed is about 10 knots, or 11.5 mph.

Meanwhile, design touches like LED lights, customizable interior and exterior, and a very quiet electric motor add to the craft's sense of unique luxury.

Check out details of the Supiore Uno here, as well as our luxury yacht gallery below.

(Via Luxury Launches)