Time well spent: Jaw-dropping luxury watches

If you've got it, flaunt it! Crave continues its look at nosebleedingly glam gadgets with a list of luxury timepieces we can only fantasize about.

Tim Hornyak
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Tim Hornyak
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Louis Moinet Meteoris Asteroid
No free samples of these: The Louis Moinet Meteoris Asteroid, part of a $4.9-million watch set. Louis Moinet

Call me a geezer, but I feel naked without a watch on. I've got a few quartzes, an automatic, and even a pocket watch of yore. Old-school analog tech just feels good against the skin, but some of the watches in this gallery would feel and look far better.

Following our roundup of luxury smartphones and tablets last week, Crave pours out the contents of its salivary glands over these opulent beauties, some of which we lusted for during Baselworld 2013.

Rare luxury watches crafted decades ago can sell for millions of dollars at auction. Unlike the digital goods we finger every day, a quality timepiece is something that can be handed down for generations. Are you really going to give your grandchild that iPhone 5?

Sure, many high-end watches are exercises in extravagance, often set with precious metals and gems (or asteroid fragments like the Louis Moinet Meteoris, above), and basically only tell the time and maybe a handful of other functions.

But you can't help but admire the amazing craftsmanship that goes into some of them, from design to engineering to production.

The recently introduced Tag Heuer MikroPendulum S, for instance, not only has kick-ass looks, it sports a groundbreaking pendulum magnetic escapement that eliminates the need for a hairspring escapement. It has a magnetized wheel pulsing in a magnetic field that drives the balance spring, as well as a chronograph with 1/100th of a second precision.

Check out the MikroPendulum S and other crushworthy tributes to time in our gallery below.

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