Johnny Manziel offers Trump wise advice about Twitter

Commentary: The quarterback formerly tipped for NFL stardom explains to the president that there's certain things on Twitter it's best not to do. Then he deleted his whole account.

Technically Incorrect offers a slightly twisted take on the tech that's taken over our lives.

Johnny Manziel, presidential Twitter adviser.

Thaddaeus McAdams, FilmMagic

To whom should 0ur president turn for advice?

So many want to give it. So few, though can offer enough insight without the president suspecting they have a nefarious agenda.

But what if someone who's been famous and now hit harder times freely offers wisdom and expects nothing in return?

Former college great and troubled NFL not-so-great Johnny Manziel took to Twitter on Monday to help ease Donald Trump's worries.

He wrote: "Yo @POTUS even I know to stay away from the notifications section on twitter. Shit will drive you crazy, lead the country and let them hate." Almost immediately, the tweet enjoyed more than 5,000 retweets and 10,000 likes.

The use of @POTUS, rather than @RealDonaldTrump shows that this was clearly not a personal tip but an official communication from a famous quarterback to the very famous president of the United States.

In his tweet, Manziel, currently a free agent, has a point. If you're president, why trouble yourself with the heckling from the cheap seats? Why respond to those who, well, aren't president, aren't famous and never will be? Why bother rapping at the riff-raff?

Indeed, former George W. Bush press secretary Ari Fleischer was moved to tweet: "When you're right, you're right. Johnny Manziel is right. (I can't believe i said that.)"

Trump does occasionally seem to react to perceived slights of one kind or another. Which is sad, as he says he doesn't like tweeting at all.

Oddly, having freely offered the advice, Manziel deleted not only this tweet, but his whole Twitter account.

Neither Manziel's representatives nor the presidential transition team immediately responded to a request for comment.

In the past, Manziel was something of an aficionado of Twitter-handling. He once tweeted out a phone number that most people thought was his. What emerged was that Manziel was apparently pranking a friend who was annoying him.

Now all that remains is speculation. Has Manziel had second thoughts about being a presidential adviser? Or was his account, um, hacked?

A helpful tweet?

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