John Krasinski gets the original cast of Hamilton to perform over Zoom

With cameos from Robert De Niro and Emily Blunt, episode 2 of Some Good News is insane.

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Jennifer Bisset

John Krasinski is a shining light.

Some Good News/YouTube

After delighting the socks off everyone with a reunion of The Office last week, John Krasinski is back with the second episode of Some Good News.

The YouTube series, which Krasinski started to shine a light on good news around the world, featured a new two-second weather report this week from none other than Robert De Niro (who's credited as SGN's meteorologist).

But it gets even better. After bringing in his wife Emily Blunt to say hello, which we knew he would at some point, Krasinski got the original cast of Broadway's Hamilton, including Lin Manuel Miranda, to perform Alexander Hamilton over Zoom.

Krasinski organized the performance for a young girl named Aubrey, who was supposed to see Hamilton for her 9th birthday, but instead stayed home to watch Mary Poppins Returns due to the coronavirus quarantine.

How the heck is Krasinski going to top this next episode?

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