The Office star John Krasinski launches 'good news' network from quarantine

An old friend, Steve Carrell, gave him a little help with the debut episode.

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Actor John Krasinski is best known as Jim Halpert from The Office, and now he's again acting as the charming voice of sanity in a dysfunctional world. Krasinski has launched a new, feel-good YouTube series, Some Good News, to highlight the more uplifting moments we're seeing in a world that's broken down on the side of the road. 

The good news included a reunion (at least via video call) with Krasinski's Office co-star Steve Carell, who shared some of his favorite moments from the show's run to commemorate its 15th birthday, like Michael Scott showing off his beloved new plasma TV or Jim impersonating Dwight. There was also talk of a cast reunion, but it sounds like none of us would be invited. 

But the real stars on Krasinski's new show are the examples of people helping and connecting with other people during the coronavirus pandemic, all while practicing appropriate social distancing, of course. The man who offered free toilet paper and sanitizer to delivery workers and one girl's epic welcome home are particularly worth checking out. Watch all 15 minutes of goodness above to bask in the tear-jerking humanity that flooded Krasinski's social media when he put out the call for good news.

It sounds like this first episode won't be a one-off. Krasinski says the plan is to start a network dedicated just to good news. No details yet on when or how often we'll be getting these little streaming gifts in the future.

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