KFC has a Cheetos sandwich now and it is extremely orange

This crunchy, saucy mess is just what your junior high taste buds have always craved.

Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
Gael Fashingbauer Cooper
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Thanks, KFC?

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For those days when you just can't choke down another kale-granola smoothie, or whatever it is healthy people consume in 2019, here you go. The culinary hellmouth has opened, and KFC and Cheetos have given birth to a Cheetos sandwich.

The sandwich features an extra-crispy KFC chicken filet sitting on a layer of Cheetos and mayo, and drizzled with a Cheetos-based sauce -- and we did not make one word of that sentence up.

The sandwich will be available at KFC nationwide starting July 1 for four weeks. Some lucky New Yorkers  can enjoy an early sneak peek at a Manhattan location on June 27. Interested eaters can RSVP at KfcCheetosSandwich.com.

Also on the menu for that event: Cheetos hot wings, Cheetos-loaded fries, and Cheetos mac and cheese. There's no telling how many orange-fingered smears will be left on clothing after it ends.

KFC might just be the franchise that's embraced weird stunts more than any other. We've written in the past about the creative habits of its Twitter account, the Game of Thrones star featured in a video, fried-chicken-scented bath bombs and even finger-lickin' good chicken-flavored nail polish. Looks like they're gonna just keep on winging it.

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