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Party fowl! KFC bath bombs make you smell like fried chicken

Sink into a soothing bathtub full of ... fried-chicken smell? Turn the water on extra-hot and pretend you're in a deep-fryer.

Ah, the calming luxury of a bath bomb. You add it to the warm water, settle in and soon, you're soaking in a fragrant tub of ... 11 herbs and spices?

KFC Japan has created a fried-chicken bath bomb, molded to look (kind of) like a chicken drumstick and scented to smell like one of Cartman's favorite foods.

You can't just buy one of these bath bombs, though, you have to enter a lottery. According to Rocket News 24, KFC Japan will be giving them away through Nov. 15 to select lucky folks who follow the official KFC Japan account. Full rules for the contest are here.

It's far from KFC's weirdest invention yet. Remember the finger-lickin'-good nail polish? The chicken-scented candles? The phone with Colonel Sanders on it? When it comes to creativity, the restaurant chain is egg-ceptional.