Human hearts and brides with mustaches: The best new emojis on the way

Commentary: The 117 new emojis revealed in the final list of upcoming designs are both inclusive and unexpected.

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Here come the all-inclusive emoji brides.

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While it may seem there are emojis to capture every emotion and then some -- oh hai, random chestnut emoji -- there's still room for brand new symbols to get me excited. Looking at the list of 117 new emojis for 2020 has me downright giddy.

Emojipedia released the list on Wednesday. Foodies will be happy to see new symbols of blueberries, an olive, a bell pepper, flatbread, tamales, bubble tea, a teapot and even fondue.

For the LGBTQ community and allies, there are new emojis for the transgender symbol and flag. We also get a woman in a tuxedo, as well as a mustached man wearing a wedding veil. Both emojis could also be used for non-binary folks too. Inclusivity is always appreciated.

I especially love that there's a new emoji of two non-gendered people hugging that can be sent for romance, or maybe just to share with a pal who really needs a hug.

Gearheads will be happy to see a new pickup truck, though it is a bit on the basic side and not the design Ford suggested. And martial arts lovers can tweet and text using ninjas with all skin tones. 

Even Goths, serial killers and doctors get a nod with new emojis of a gravestone, black cat and anatomically correct human organs. 

In addition to the black cat, other new animal and insect emojis include bison, mammoth, polar bear, beaver, seal, dodo, beetle, cockroach, worm and fly.

The more unusual emojis might have a few folks scratching their heads. That new pinched fingers emoji could mean chef's kiss -- which indicates you think something is perfect. Or maybe it's to indicate how to speak Italian? 


It's hard to believe there was a high demand for emojis of a worm, rock and tree log.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

A pair of useless emojis include a rock and a tree log. Why? Who asked for this? The only reason to tweet a tree log is to honor Log Lady from Twin Peaks.

Regardless, I'm just thrilled to finally have pinata, magic wand, accordion and roller skates emojis in time for my next party.

These new emojis will be available on major operating systems in the second half of 2020.

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