Apple squid emoji error has Monterey aquarium up in tentacles

No squidding! In a series of pun-filled tweets, the squid experts teach us the siphon is in the wrong place.

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Critically speaking, many Apple emojis look far more like cartoons than accurate representations of their real-life counterparts. Case in point: why are there eyeballs on the Apple poop emoji?

The little symbols aren't always known for their biologically accurate depictions of animals either. But that doesn't stop scientists from trying to call attention to mistakes. On Wednesday, Monterey Bay Aquarium tweeted a few pun-filled comments to draw attention to the fact that Apple's squid emoji has its siphon in the wrong place. 

"Wasn't sure they'd try to spin this one for ocean awareness but here we are: Apple's squid emoji is upside down," Monterey Bay Aquarium tweeted. "Not even squidding, the siphon should be behind the head. It just looks like weirdo nose. I mean I'm just a meme, so take it as you whale. Oh no the puns are back, please kelp."

Ocean puns aside, the Northern California aquarium is correct. The squid emoji appears to be upside down. So in reality, the siphon should appear behind the squid's head, not on its face where it looks like a square nose. 

The siphon allows the squid to breathe and rid itself of waste. A squid also uses its siphon to propel the body so it can swim in water backward

So having the siphon on the wrong part of the squid's body for a more cartoony effect doesn't do the squid any favors.

Apple's squid emoji was first introduced to the public in 2016. Hopefully, Apple will fix the error so we can stop imagining the poor emoji squid pooping on his own face due to improper siphon placement.

Neither Apple nor Monterey Bay Aquarium immediately responded to a request for comment. 

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