Get your gold-plated 2018 'iPhone Xs' for just $127,000

What a bargain!

Amanda Kooser
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Amanda Kooser
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Put on your bling blinders and behold this gold iPhone.


Are you rich? Do you like shiny things? Get out your credit card, because you're about to put down a deposit on the 2018 Gold iPhone Xs Billionaire Solid Gold edition from London luxury-products maker Goldgenie.

Preorders are now open for the embellished Apple phone made with an 18-karat gold-plated back. The next iteration of the iPhone has yet to be officially announced by Apple, but Goldgenie is calling it the "iPhone Xs," which is just a guess as to the name.  

This smartphone blingfest comes at a premium price of about $127,000 (£100,000, AU$176,000), though only half is required for a deposit.

Goldgenie trumpets the phone as "the brand's most luxurious product to date." Just remember that statement is coming from the same company that brought us a gold-and-diamond Apple Watch and a gold-plated racing bike that definitely wouldn't pass muster in the Tour de France.

Goldgenie isn't selling just the bling aspect of the as-yet-unreleased device. The price tag also includes "24/7/365 day concierge service for five years to enable you to live like a real billionaire." 

Of course, five years from now your 2018 iPhone will be geriatric in gadget terms and you'll have already moved on to an iPhone WOW or whatever Apple will call its 2023 flagship phone.

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