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Elon Musk is a sheep, channeling Museum of English Rural Life's 'absolute unit'

A Musk in sheep's clothing.


Elon Musk is no stranger to the hellish battleground that is Twitter

It's got him in trouble with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, caused grief during the Thai cave rescue in 2018 when he called one of the rescuers a "pedo guy" and he's even used it to show support for YouTuber PewDiePie as he struggled to hold onto his YouTube crown. 

Musk is constantly exchanging memes in between actual useful information about the companies that he runs: Tesla, SpaceX and The Boring Company. As a result, even Jack Dorsey, Twitter founder, has heaped praise on Musk's use of his service.

Just last week he used it to call Jeff Bezos a copycat. Now he's turned his attention to another domesticated animal: The sheep.

After a tweet from MIT Technology Review about the world's biggest plane was titled "look at the size of this absolute unit", Musk replied with the now-famous meme of an Exmoor Horn aged ram originally posted by the Museum of English Rural Life on April 9, 2018.

Of course, this is the internet in 2019 -- and more specifically, Twitter in 2019. So shortly after, Elon Musk -- a wealthy tech entrepreneur and CEO of electric vehicle company Tesla, space flight company SpaceX, brain-computer interface developer Neuralink and the founder of tunnel making company The Boring Company -- changed his Twitter profile picture to that of the ram at the request of another Twitter user.

The Museum of English Rural Life (MERL) quickly caught wind of the change and followed up with a tweet of their own.

That's right. In this, the year 2019, the Museum of English Rural Life and Elon Musk have switched Twitter profile pictures and I cannot keep up anymore.

Perhaps Musk's Twitter game is only rivaled by MERL's, which posted this shortly after the swap.

How long the swap will be maintained for is currently unknown. But for now, here's a public service announcement: If you're looking for Elon Musk in your Twitter timeline, he is a sheep. An absolute unit, to be precise.