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Elon Musk calls Jeff Bezos a copycat on Twitter

Mom, dad, please!

As pictured.
Claire Reilly/CNET

When the eventual Musk-Bezos wars begin, you'll look back on this day. 

SpaceX founder and Tesla CEO Elon Musk has dragged Blue Origin founder and Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos on Twitter, calling him a copy cat over Amazon's plans to launch a fleet of internet satellites into orbit. 

It's billionaire versus billionaire. Iron Man versus James Bond. Super-elite rocket tycoon versus a guy who is marginally richer than him. And it's all playing out in emojis. 

Musk's three-word burn (which is scooping up more likes and retweets by the second) came in reply to news that Amazon is in the early stages of an ambitious plan to provide broadband internet access to millions of people worldwide by launching 3,236 satellites into orbit

The issue? SpaceX kicked off similar plans in February last year when it launched a raft of Starlink internet satellites on board its Falcon 9 rocket. 

It's nice to know that two of the world's richest people will start public (and, no doubt, fairly tongue-in-cheek) flame wars as they further humanity in its race to conquer the realms beyond our planet. 

I, for one, welcome our new space overlords. 🚀🔥🐈👀