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Watch a snarling Hugh Jackman overdub a 'Logan' fight

Seeing Hugh Jackman lay down voiceover audio for a super-intense "Logan" fight scene is just as thrilling as watching the finished product.

"Logan" may well be the last word in Hugh Jackman's Wolverine X-Men movies. It pulled in both good reviews and tons of ticket sales over this past, opening weekend. On Tuesday, Jackman posted a behind-the-scenes peek at him recording audio for one of the hit movie's fight scenes.

In the clip, Jackman stands in a studio wearing headphones. He watches the scene on a screen and starts running and panting along with the film footage. The intensity just ramps up from there. The demonstrative actor snarls, punches and slashes his way through the recording session.

Jackman breaks character at the end of the scene, but it just highlights the ferocity of his performance and the effort that goes into his audio overdubs.

The video is a hit on Jackman's Facebook page with over 36 million views.