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Givit offers 'one click' transfer of FlipShare libraries

Service for privately sharing videos says it can help you easily transfer and store your Flip vids--before Cisco shuts down FlipShare for good.

Givit says FlipShare users can move their libraries with a single click.

The end of next year seems a long way off, but you know how these things go: blink and it'll be December 2013.

That's why diehard Flip and FlipShare users may be happy to learn of a new service designed to let them instantly transfer their FlipShare video libraries to a different storage provider--before Cisco shuts down FlipShare at the end of next year.

Givit, a private video-sharing platform that launched in public beta last November, announced today what it calls "seamless integration" with FlipShare, which, Givit says, will let FlipShare users move their libraries with a single click.

Givit lets people privately share videos shot with any digital camera or camcorder, including the Flip. The cloud-stored videos are also viewable on any device, including the iPhone, iPad, and Android gadgets, in addition to PC or Mac browsers.

The service is free for up to 2GB of video. Beyond that, users can pay $30 a year for 10GB, $50 a year for 25GB, or $100 a year for 50GB. And there's no 30-day "expiration date" on stored videos, as there is now with FlipShare.

Givit has a walkthrough of the transfer process here. An FAQ about Givit is available here.

And we know the supposed "instant" and "one click" aspect of this seems reassuring. But we'd suggest you don't wait till 11:59 on New Year's Eve 2012 to get your FlipShare videos transferred or archived in some way or other.