How to archive Flip video files

Cisco's decision to cease operations of Flip Video caught a lot of people by surprise. If you've decided to jump ship, too, and want to archive your videos from the FlipShare program, we'll show you how.

Ed Rhee
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Ed Rhee
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Flip Video is no more. If you're ready to bail on Flip, too, then you'll want to make sure your video clips are archived for future access. We'll show you how to find where the video files are located on your computer so that you can save them to an external hard drive or another folder on your computer that you can more easily locate. We'll also show you how to save them so that each file is named by date and time.

Copy video files from FlipShare library

When the FlipShare program imports videos from the Flip, it stores them in a library. By default, the program stores the videos in a location like, C:\Users\Ed\Videos\FlipShare Data\Videos. To verify the location, open the FlipShare program and go to Edit, then Preferences. In the Preferences window, click on the last tab named Library. You'll see the location of the library listed there.

FlipShare Library Location

If you navigate to that folder, you'll see all of your videos. At this point, if you're content with just copying them to another location on your hard drive or to an external hard drive, you're done. You'll notice, however, the filenames of the videos are non-descriptive, like "VID00018.MP4." If you'd rather have them named by date and time, you'll want to perform an export.

Export video files from FlipShare library

Step 1:
Select the videos you want to export from each folder.

FlipShare Library select all
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 2:
Go to File then select Export to.

FlipShare export to
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

Step 3:
Confirm the export and choose a location for the files.

FlipShare About Exporting Items
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

You'll see the export progress bar in the lower left-hand corner.

FlipShare is working
Screenshot by Ed Rhee

That's it. Your files now have a filename like "2010-08-09 13 57 48.MP4" rather than "VID00018.MP4." If you have multiple folders, you'll have to repeat these steps for each folder.