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FlipShare videos going bye-bye after 30 days

If you have movies living on Cisco's Flip Video FlipShare service, you might want to download them now.

Flip Video

The Cisco/Flip Video saga continues. After the April announcement that the FlipShare desktop and mobile software will continue to be functional and supported until December 31, 2013, comes word on the fate of all your videos stored on the company's FlipShare service.

As of May 12, 2011, any videos shared with "an individual, group, Flip Channel, or Twitter will only be available online for viewing and downloading for up to 30 days after being sent." Sent something before that date? Well, you've got 30, err, 29 days to get 'em before they're gone.

Clips shared on Facebook and YouTube as well as videos stored in FlipShare on your computer are safe.

Information on all the changes as well as how to rescue your videos from the service before they presumably disappear forever can be found on the FlipShare support page.