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Perfect Gifts for Under $10

Get the best gifts with the best prices in our top picks for gifts under $10.

Jared DiPane Managing Editor, Commerce
Jared DiPane is a Managing Editor on CNET's Commerce Team. He leads a team which helps find and deliver all the best deals and tips on how to maximize your money. With over 10 years of experience, he's managed commerce content and initiatives for Digital Trends, Mobile Nations, & Future PLC. When not deal hunting, he's likely spending time with his family, building something or researching his next big purchase.
Expertise Deals and Shopping Tips
Jared DiPane
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Luxury nail clipper kit with case: $8
See at Target
Dash Mini waffle maker: $10
$6 at Amazon
Image of Maxsoft scalp care brush: $8
Maxsoft scalp care brush: $8
See at Amazon
Death Star 3D illusion night light: $10
$6 at Amazon
Image of Nite Ize keychain multitool: $6
Nite Ize keychain multitool: $6
$7 at Amazon
Hiware cocktail muddler and mixing spoon set: $7
$10 at Walmart
Built 20-ounce tumbler: $10
See at Amazon
Laura Ashley clog slippers: $10

Looking for gifts for friends, family or that weird gift exchange at work, is hard. People have different tastes and, honestly, a lot of great options for gifts tend to be on the pricier side. Have no fear: The CNET team is here with a bunch of great gifts that are under $10.

We've tried to vary the list with something for everyone, including the kids in your life, your techie friends and the people who seem impossible to shop for. Here are our picks for some of the best gifts under $10 right now.

When was the last time you actually replaced your tweezers or nail clippers? Odds are it's been far too long, and that makes this kit with a travel case a perfect gift. It comes with clippers for your hand and feet, and even a few facial care items. They are all matte black, and the case is black on the outside with a nice red interior.

Ry Crist/CNET

These mini waffle makers were all the rage a few years ago, but they haven't become any less useful now. The big difference is just that you can actually find them in stock. They make it easy to prepare waffles and tons of other things, are super easy to clean and don't take up much space. It's a win all around, really. Note that some colors are $10 at the links below, but other colors or patterns may be more.

Ever wish you could massage your head a little deeper in the shower without buying some big expensive device? This handheld option is a perfect way to do just that and it's so easy to use. I've been using this for over a year and love how it feels and works, and can pretty much guarantee that anyone else who tries it will feel the same way.

Smart plugs can be used for automating lights, turning on and off space heaters and so much more. These Kasa smart plugs are small enough to stack two in each receptacle and are smart enough to be used with Alexa and Google Assistant.

Read our TP-Link Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug Mini review.

This LED light makes the Death Star glow in seven different colors, including a few shades of blue, green, red and white. It's only 8 inches tall and the base is just over 2 inches, making it easy to put just about anywhere (with power) that you want.

It's always better to be prepared than it is to be caught off-guard, and this multitool allows you to do just that. This carabiner clip has a built in bottle opener, box cutter, screwdriver, wrench and even a ruler. That's a whole lot of function out of something that's about 3 inches long and priced at under $6. If you're struggling to find a great gift for someone who has it all or want an affordable gift to buy for a few people, this may be the perfect option.


This stainless steel cocktail kit is great for anyone looking to branch out from the same old boring beers and vodka sodas. The spoon features a twisted stem so you can stir drinks like a pro, and the muddler has a nylon head so don't have to worry about breaking or scratching your glasses.


Great for both hot and cold beverages, this stainless steel tumbler features a double-wall design to keep drinks at the optimal temperature for hours. And its design is slim enough to fit in most standard cupholders. It comes in over 20 cool colors and patterns, but some are already sold out, so grab yours while you can.

Laura Ashley

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't love a good pair of fuzzy slippers. These slip-ons from Laura Ashley come in tons of different colors and feature a memory foam midsole for serious comfort and extra support.

Magic 8 Balls may be a silly gift, but there's no kid out there who won't have fun with it. These haven't changed much over the years, and the idea remains the same. Ask a question, shake the ball up and get the answer. It's countless hours of fun, and it could save you some sanity as they start asking the ball these questions instead of you.

Note this may be out of stock in some places.