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Wonder Woman 1984: Gal Gadot reveals first look at costume

Wonder Woman has apparently acquired a very 1980s accessory: A curling iron. It's a big hairy deal.

Wonder Woman's back, and she's getting down with the 1980s styles of her sequel's setting. Early Saturday, star Gal Gadot tweeted out a first look at the actress in costume from the upcoming sequel, Wonder Woman 1984, on Saturday.Β 

Fans were more than a little excited: By afternoon, the photo had been retweeted 50,000 times, and liked more than 200,000 times.

While there was nothing shockingly different in Wonder Woman's look, the costume did seem stupendously shiny, and Gadot's hair a bit curlier than in the original 2017 film. Curling irons were pretty popular in 1984, after all.

It's been a wonder-ous week for fans of the Amazon. Director Patty Jenkins revealed a spoiler-riffic photo of a certain character strolling through a very 1980s shopping mall, and Gadot herself shared a photo of Wonder Woman standing in front of a bank of 1980s TV screens. Jenkins also confirmed the title as Wonder Woman 1984, and thus narrowed down the totally righteous setting.

Start polishing the invisible jet, Wonder Woman 1984 is expected to hit theaters in 2019.