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Wonder Woman sequel director reveals possible spoiler photo

Is that who we think it is strolling through a very 1980s shopping mall? Gnarly!

Warning: Possible spoiler for Wonder Woman 1984 ahead.

Director Patty Jenkins has released the first photo from Wonder Woman 1984, the sequel to the 2017 hit Wonder Woman,  and she's bringing back a familiar face.

Wonder Woman's loyal pal Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), who seemed to have sacrificed his life in the World War I setting of the first film, is back, judging by Jenkins' caption. He looks pretty good, too, strolling through a very '80s shopping mall in what might be a Members Only jacket. 

So many questions! Is this a descendant of Steve? Was the real Steve frozen, Captain America-style? Who's that guy that looks like Freddie Mercury of Queen just off to his side? Did we really wear our hair that big? (I can answer that one: Yes, and even bigger.) Is there a sale at Chess King?

Jenkins isn't giving away much more, but it does look like the movie's official name is Wonder Woman 1984, as she hinted at earlier.  Hope Gal Gadot likes shoulder pads, leg warmers and jelly shoes.

Speaking of Gadot, she also tweeted out another photo from the film featuring Diana in front of a bank of television screens showing some very 1980s images. Hey, J.R. Ewing! How you doing, Christie Brinkley?

The Wonder Woman sequel is expected to hit theaters in 2019, with Gadot returning as Wonder Woman and Kristen Wiig as supervillain Cheetah. Totally tubular!

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