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Watch the wild and crazy Cuphead and Mugman trailer

Get ready for the animated show based on the video game, coming Feb. 18 to Netflix.

The Cuphead Show is coming, and on Tuesday, Netflix revealed a trailer and a release date. Look for the upcoming animated series to hit the streaming service on Feb. 18. The show is based on the computer game and is drawn in an old-fashioned, vintage animation style. Comedian Wayne Brady voices King Dice, the manager of the Devil's Casino.

The new show still is drawn in that distinctive vintage style, but has plenty of modern elements, and looks to keep the darker themes of the story. In the video game story, Cuphead and his brother Mugman lose their souls to the devil in an ill-advised gambling wager and have been assigned to collect soul contracts from other debtors. Chaos ensues.

The Cuphead Show consists of 12 12-minute episodes. Tru Valentino voices Cuphead and Frank Todaro voices Mugman.