Wayne Brady plays King Dice in Netflix's Cuphead Show

Meet the manager of the Devil's Casino.

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Oscar Gonzalez

Don't crap out against King Dice.


Geeked Week is Netflix's first-ever week dedicated to the platform's upcoming geeky shows, such as The Witcher, Stranger Things and Masters of the Universe: Revelation. As part of the event on Friday, Netflix revealed one of the leads for the upcoming animated series The Cuphead Show, which is based on a popular video game of the same name known for its retro animation.  

Wayne Brady, comedian and host of Let's Make a Deal, will star in the upcoming Netflix show as the of King Dice. In the source game, King Dice is the manager of the Devil's Casino. He's the boss players have to defeat before taking on The Devil to fight for the souls of protagonists Cuphead and Mugman. 

Cuphead came out in 2017 for PCs and consoles. Developed by Studio MDHR, the game drew a lot of attention for its retro art style based on the animation of Fleischer Studios and Walt Disney. 

Netflix has yet to announced a premiere date for The Cuphead Show.