There's a Queer Eye Lego set, and yasss to Fab Five figures too

Bobby, Tan, Antoni, Karamo and Jonathan are the fabricated Fab Five in a Lego set based on the Netflix hit.

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Lego Queer Eye

What a bunch of studs: The Fab Five in Lego form.


You can't buy style, taste and class. But you can build them, with a fabulous new Queer Eye Lego set based on the hit Netflix makeover series.

The glamorous Lego set comes with minifigs of the Fab Five themselves, Bobby Berk, Tan France, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown and Jonathan Van Ness -- plus Bruley the dog, of course.

There's also not but two figures of one of the real people made over in the show -- a before figure and an after for a suitably showstopping reveal.

This new set follows Lego versions of other iconic TV apartments from shows like The Big Bang Theory and Friends. Antoni is cooking up a storm in the kitchen, Tan chooses outfits from a clothing rack, Jonathan takes to a swivel salon chair and Karamo takes his scrap book to the couch. Meanwhile Bobby approved the design of the set's interior.

Lego Queer Eye

Lego Queer Eye


The Queer Eye set is over 35cm and is made up of 974 pieces. It's on sale from Oct. 1st, at Lego stores, online and other select retailers.

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