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Lego unveils 2,048-piece Friends apartments set full of inside jokes

Your Ross minifig can shout, "We were on a brick!"

The Friends Apartments Lego set is like having a TV studio on your table.

The Friends TV show might have aired its final episode in 2004, but Lego will be there for you with a new Friends-themed set.

You can continue the stories of Rachel, Ross, Joey, Monica, Phoebe and Chandler with the 2,048-piece The Friends Apartments kit. It includes the two main New York apartments from the show along with a connecting hallway. But it's not the homes themselves that are the stars. It's what's inside.

The set is packed with detailed insider references, from Phoebe's "Gladys" painting to the meat-sweats Thanksgiving turkey to the giant poking device used to check on Ugly Naked Guy. If you don't know what those phrases reference, it's probably time for a series rewatch.

The Friends minifigures are decked out in some of their finest costumes. Ross has on his restrictive leather pants and Monica sports an apron. The main-cast minifigs are joined by recurring character Janice (Chandler's sometimes-girlfriend), who is making her minifig debut.

The Friends Apartments set comes with minifigs, including Janice and a menagerie of animals from the series.

Lego Group

Lego released a 1,070-piece Central Perk coffee shop set in 2019, but the apartments offering is bigger and more ambitious. The Friends Apartments goes on sale to the general public on June 1 for $149.99 (about £106, AU$191). The set is recommended for Lego aficionados 18 and older, which should pretty much encompass the target audience for Friends.

The possibilities for mashups of iconic moments from the show will be endless. At last, Joey can wear all of Chandler's clothes while getting the meat sweats as Phoebe's dollhouse catches fire.

The set even comes with lighting props to give it a TV studio feel. But this time you're the director and Rachel and Ross' relationship can be just as smooth or rocky as you want it to be.