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'The Boys' Season 3 Trailer Serves Up Splatter, Spoilers and Soldier Boy

Karl Urban headlines the Prime Video superhero show as the new season welcomes Soldier Boy.

Butcher and The Boys look cool lounging on cars in front of a private jet.
The Boys return for season 3.
Prime Video

Heroes. Villains. Insane bloody gore. Judging from this new trailer, The Boys season 3 has it all.

Season 3 of The Boys arrives June 3rd on Prime Video. Set to the tones of Beach Boys song Heroes and Villains, the trailer opens with Homelander on a PR blitz, but behind the forced smile the caped crusader is unraveling. Butcher, meanwhile, is on the straight and narrow, working for the government -- specifically, for Hughie. Obviously there's going to be trouble.

Be warned: the trailer is a bit spoiler-y, especially as it shows Karl Urban's Butcher facing a choice that goes against his whole philosophy. In the new season, The Boys learn of a mysterious anti-supe weapon which sets them on a collision course with not just The Seven, but also the first superhero: a Captain America-esque warrior called Soldier Boy played by Jensen Ackles.

Season 3 premieres with three episodes on June 3, followed by a new episode each Friday until the season finale July 8.