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This Star Wars R2-D2 robot vacuum is perfect for lockdown cleanup fun

Meet the homemade Star Wars housekeeping droid you are looking for.

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This custom-made Star Wars R2-D2 droid wants to clean your home.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET
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Sure, you could clean your home using Samsung's Stormtrooper robot vacuum cleaner. But if you don't want to turn to the dark side of the Force during coronavirus lockdown, you could always ask R2-D2 to take care of your messes. 

Star Wars fan Matthew Scott Hunter transformed his Roomba into a realistic-looking R2-D2 cleaning droid back in 2018, but the video of it resurfaced this week as many look for ways to make cleaning more bearable during the coronavirus lockdown. Hunter used a lightweight garbage can with a dome lid, poster board, and random household items to build the cleaning droid. 

Hunter used oscillating fan parts so the droid's head could turn. He also added a Bluetooth speaker inside so R2-D2 could make droid sound effects while it cleans the floors. The helpful droid moves around on its own, or it can be controlled remotely.

"I made a few special modifications to my Roomba, because if you're gonna have a robot cleaning your home, why not make it the droid you've always been looking for?" Hunter wrote on his YouTube video page.

The DIY cleaning astromech, which Hunter named R9-D9, weighs 14 pounds, which is still light enough for the Roomba vacuum base to move around and suck up dirt. 


The head on this astromech cleaner moves back and forth using fan parts.

Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

In fact, this project may inspire some tinkerers to make more Star Wars-themed cleaning robots. How about a BB-8 floor waxer or a IG-88 window washer? Personally, I would be happy with a mouse droid stair cleaner if anyone wants to build me one. 

After you build your own astromech housekeeper, here are a few Star Wars crafts you can make for even more fun during lockdown.

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