'Jurassic Park' fake 'SNL' auditions bring '90s back to life

If the decade of grunge, Urkel and O.J. Simpson is frozen in amber for you, relive it in this "SNL" skit.

Forget "Jurassic World." Saturday's Bill Hader-hosted episode of "Saturday Night Live" celebrated the real "Jurassic Park," highlighting fake auditions for the about-to-be 25-year-old film.

Everyone from Kenan Thompson to Hader took on roles of famous celebrities from the 1990s trying out for parts in the 1993 release.

The 1990s icons portrayed often remind viewers of what was going on in their lives in 1992 and 1993.

Ellen DeGeneres is less talk-show Ellen and more '90s standup comic Ellen as she tries out for the role of Dr. Ellie Satler. Wesley Snipes gives tax advice, Adam Sandler delivers a dinosaur version of his Thanksgiving "Turkey Song." Gwen Stefani sings her lines, Joey Lawrence "WHOAs!" his part. 

All your favorite 1990s stereotypes and icons show up. Al Pacino takes the tryouts to an R-rated level, Steve Urkel delivers his "did I do that?" catchphrase, and flannel-wearing Eddie Vedder belts out some grunge. But best of all might be Kate McKinnon as a morose "Silence of the Lambs" era Jodie Foster and Thompson as a pre-murder-trial O.J. Simpson.

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