Simu Liu on SNL: Watch the Shang-Chi star on Saturday Night Live

Simu Liu had an awesome run on SNL this weekend.

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Mark Serrels

He's Shang-Chi, bitch.


SNL has been killing it lately with both the hosts and the musical guests. Last week they made headlines with Taylor Swift and her 10-minute performance of All Too Well.

This week it was Shang-Chi star Simu Liu's time to shine, and he delivered! We thought we'd put together a list of his best sketches on the night.

We'll kick off with his opening monologue. "I'm SHANG-CHI BITCH!"

And look, Liu was pretty good on SNL, but the real star of the show, for my money, was this dog.

Later, in a sketch focused on the different types of people who sing karaoke, Liu starred as "Finance bro trying to get laid."

Bowen Yang and Simu Liu trying to outdo each other is also quality. Simu Liu named as the first Asian man to deadpan on Splash Mountain. Incredible.

And given that it's almost Thanksgiving, there was also a sketch about the family members you'll be hosting for dinner over the holidays. Liu stars as the guy who won't eat turkey because he's watched a Netflix documentary.

Tag yourself, I'm the Uncle who takes sport too seriously.

Nice job all up by Liu, one of the best SNL guests in recent memory.

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