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Beck Bennett leaving SNL, but most cast members returning for new season

The sketch comedy show kicks off its 47th season on Saturday, Oct. 2.

Last week, NBC's Saturday Night Live revealed its first four hosts of the new season, and on Monday, the show announced changes to the regular cast. Cast member Beck Bennett and featured player Lauren Holt are leaving; featured players Bowen Yang and Chloe Fineman are now full cast members; and three comics have been added.

Some SNL fans were concerned numerous cast veterans -- namely Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and Cecily Strong -- would leave the show to focus on other movie and TV opportunities, but all four are listed as returning.

 Aristotle Athari, James Austin Johnson and Sarah Sherman are the new featured players.

Beck Bennett joined SNL in 2013, and posted a farewell message to the show on Instagram on Monday. Bennett also posted 10 black and white photos from his time on the show, including, for some reason, one of his nipples.

"Love you, SNL," he wrote. "Gonna miss you so much. Thank you for 8 years of remarkable people and incredible experiences that completely changed my life. I had so much fun."

As far as hosts go, get ready for a Ted Lasso spoof, because Jason Sudeikis, Emmy-winning star and co-creator of the Apple Plus hit, will be hosting SNL on Oct. 23. Sudeikis was a writer and cast member for SNL from 2003 to 2013, and the goofy dance he performs on Ted Lasso's premiere was inspired by a sketch from the show. Brandi Carlile will be the musical guest on Sudeikis' episode.

Kim Kardashian West will host on Oct. 9, with Halsey as musical guest. Rami Malek will host on Oct. 16, with Young Thug as the musical performer.

The sketch comedy show will kick off its 47th season on Oct. 2, with Owen Wilson hosting and Kacey Musgraves performing.

Twitter users immediately zeroed in on one host in particular: Kim Kardashian West, comparing her to billionaire Elon Musk, who hosted an episode last season.

"Kim?! Really?! Ugh gonna be worse than Elon," wrote one person. "Feel real bad for the writers who will have to work miracles to make her funny."

Said another, "Well, if they would let the writers off the leash in regards to making fun of her then it would be funny, but they won't do that."

Viewers seemed a little more excited about Sudeikis.

"Sudeikis night will be can't miss, can't wait!" one person wrote.