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Shang-Chi trailer hints at classic Marvel villain's return

The Legend of the Ten Rings hits theaters in September, and it'll include one Gamma-infused baddy.

The Mandarin fights Shang-Chi
The Mandarin and Shang-Chi are getting ready to burst into theaters.
Marvel Studios

We're still a few months away from Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings' Sept. 3 release, but a fresh trailer gave us another look for the Marvel Cinematic Universe movie during ESPN's NBA Countdown on Thursday. Excitingly, we see Tony Leung's Mandarin wielding the awesome power of the titular rings.

The fight sequences look super-impressive. Plus, stick around till the very end of the trailer for a stunning appearance from Abomination, aka Tim Roth's character from 2008's The Incredible Hulk. He even has his head fins from the comics, unlike his previous movie appearance. Roth is also set to reprise his role in the upcoming Disney Plus She-Hulk series.

The movie stars Simu Liu as Shang-Chi, alongside Awkwafina and Michelle Yeoh. The previous trailer landed in April.

"Shang-Chi's main problem in his life is rooted in not knowing who he really is," director Destin Daniel Cretton said in a release. "He has to learn how to own every part of himself. If he doesn't allow himself to look at all of it -- the good, the bad, the light and the dark -- and to own it all, he won't be able to reach his full potential." 

It's the second of four planned 2021 MCU movies -- Black Widow is hitting theaters and Disney Plus (via its premium Premiere Access system) on July 9, Eternals is scheduled for a November theatrical release, and Spider-Man: No Way Home lands in December.

If you're looking for Marvel adventures right now, half of Loki's solo series is available on Disney Plus, with new episodes dropping each Wednesday.