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Sexy Mister Rogers Halloween costume horrifies the internet

It's a creepy day in the neighborhood.

Think of the late Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers' Neighborhood, and many words come to mind. Kindly. Friendly. Loving. But maybe not "sexy." Leave it to costume company, however, to find the sexy in everything and turn it into an outfit.

The "Nicest Neighbor" costume, which is sold on for $59.95, features a tight red crop top that resembles the red cardigan Rogers often wore on his show, as well as a detachable collar with tie, and tight gray shorts. Although the model on Yandy is shown with hand puppets resembling Rogers' famed characters, King Friday the 13th and Daniel Striped Tiger, the puppets aren't sold with the costume.

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"Won't you be my neighbor?" the catalog copy reads. "Entice your friends next door with your playful puppets!" 

Huh, is that what the kids are calling it these days?

Fans of the late host didn't want to be this costume's neighbor. "NO. NO. NO. NO. NO. DO NOT WANT" tweeted Pittsburgh radio station 961 Kiss.

"Our goal at Yandy is to create costumes that are sexy, fashion-forward and lighthearted," Alicia Thompson of Yandy told USA Today. "We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither do our customers."

Rogers' fellow PBS personality, the late painter Bob Ross, also gets the Yandy treatment with a costume called the Happy Tree Painter. It features a blue leotard splattered with paint, short shorts, a paint palette and curly wig.

Other Yandy costumes playing off news events and familiar personalities include the meatless Beyond Burger costume, what appears to be sexy Rey from Star Wars, and sexy Pennywise the killer clown from It. There are also some apparent Toy Story homages, including a sexy Buzz Lightyear variation called the To Infinity Space Ranger costume, and a Sheriff Woody version dubbed the Playtime Sheriff. If you're really into politics, this sexy tariff costume might make sense to you. And while the eggplant emoji costume isn't really sexy, it sure is weird.