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See Scott Eastwood as the perfect new Wolverine in deepfake

If you can't have Hugh Jackman, have someone who looks like a young Hugh Jackman.

Is that Scott Eastwood or a young Hugh Jackman?
stryder HD/CNET screenshot

Merely days ago, Hugh Jackman stamped out any chance he would return to the role of Wolverine in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The actor, who held the role for nearly 17 years and consequently gained the Guinness World Record for "longest career as a live-action Marvel superhero" said that he'd put what he called "one of the great chapters of [his] life" behind him.

This can't be the last of Wolverine, though, can it? With Marvel planning to introduce the X-Men and mutants to its franchise, it seems inevitable a new actor will step into the role. Luckily, evidence for the perfect choice is already online.

Prolific YouTube deepfaker who goes by the name "stryder HD" offered a few scenes of Scott Eastwood, aka Clint Eastwood's son, playing the superhero.

This won't be ideal casting for those who're after a change, maybe a shorter, brawnier actor who looks more in line with the comics version of the character.

But if you like things the way they are, Scott Eastwood could be the right fit. Even better, now that Marvel has introduced the multiverse to Phase Four, why not have multiple Wolverines pointing fingers at each other. (Actor suggestions welcome in the comments.)

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