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Real-Life 'Halo' Boots Put You in Master Chief's Shoes

Walk like a Spartan with these Halo-branded Wolverine Hellcat shoes.

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Richard Trenholm
Wolverine, the venerable makers of tough footwear for hard work and hard weather, were inspired by fans pointing out their Hellcat boot looked Halo-esque.

The Wolverine x Halo boot, perfect for kicking Covenant ass on alien planets. Or going to the store.


Halo's Master Chief is famous for never taking off his helmet. But now you can at least get your hands on his boots, with new footwear inspired by the iconic Xbox games and upcoming Paramount Plus TV show.

Wolverine , the venerable maker of tough footwear for hard work and hard weather, was inspired by fans pointing out that its Hellcat boot looked Halo-esque. So Wolverine and the game's developers 343 industries, stepped in to make the branded boot and cover it with references to Master Chief's adventures. 

Obviously the boots are green, like the big guy's iconic Mjolnir armor. They're marked with Master Chief's Spartan number "117" and the United Nations Space Command insignia. They're lace-up leather boots with a flap to cover the laces for that futuristic feel. The limited edition boots will be available from noon ET on March 29. They'll cost $225.


The Halo boots contain Easter eggs for dedicated fans.


The most recent game in the series, Halo Infinite, came out in December. And the long-gestating TV adaptation premiered Thursday on streaming service Paramount Plus, with Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief and Natascha McElhone as his creator. Reviews for the Halo show are better than you might expect, with CNET's Mark Serrels noting that the ultra-violent action scenes "do a tremendous job of communicating what makes the game special. ... Fans complaining that Cortana is the wrong color will forgive it all when they see Master Chief hiding behind cover waiting for his shields to recharge."

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