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Netflix finally confirms a second season of Squid Game is coming

Brush up on your Red Light, Green Light skills because Netflix's No. 1 show is coming back.

Squid Game is getting a second season.
Netflix/Youngkyu Park

There was no way that Netflix wasn't going to pump a second season out of the surprise South Korean hit series Squid Game. But it's still good to hear the streaming service state that officially. On Thursday, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos was asked about the show, and he confirmed that a second season two coming.

"Absolutely," Sarandos said during a discussion of the company's fourth-quarter earnings. "The Squid Game universe has just begun."

Heck yeah, it has. The series, about a deadly tournament of children's games, is Netflix's most-watched show, and it inspired Halloween costumes and real-life copycat tournaments (minus the homicide). Even North Koreans secretly watched it, risking punishment or even death to do so.

Sarandos didn't say when the second season will arrive, but show creator Hwang Dong-hyuk has already publicly mulled over what new episodes might bring. Game winner Seong Gi-hun will be back, and the new episodes might delve into the story behind the mysterious Front Man.