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Real-life Squid Game re-creates Netflix show with $456,000 prize

Watch 456 players battle it out in this crazily show-accurate YouTube competition.

The survival show was brought to life by YouTuber MrBeast.
MrBeast/YouTube; screenshot by CNET

From the playground to the office, there have been multiple attempts at bringing Squid Game to life. But they were just the warm-up. The main event is upon us.

A scarily real-looking version of Squid Game, based on the survival competition in Netflix's sensational South Korean show of the same name, can now be watched at your twisted pleasure on YouTube.

The video comes from MrBeast, a channel that makes a living off running competitions for fans and members of the public, offering huge cash prizes.

Marvel at the incredibly designed Squid Game competition below.

The video has already racked up 4 million views and counting since it hit YouTube on Wednesday afternoon.

It features the Red Light, Green Light game, the Honeycomb (Dalgona) game and the Marble game -- children's games that become deadly in the Netflix show.

Competition runners wear the now iconic Squid Game red guard uniforms, while the contestants wear the green uniforms that flooded this Halloween.

The prize is $456,000 -- though, unlike in the show, that number doesn't increase as contestants are eliminated.

Netflix's Squid Game climbed over its one-inch tall subtitle barrier to become the most-watched show ever on the streamer, beating Bridgerton. However, it also saw negative side effects, such as kids harming each other on playgrounds and a recently reported (and possibly debunked) death sentence for a North Korean student who smuggled the show into the country.