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Netflix Adds 'Glass Onion' Director Commentary So Rian Johnson Can Tell You Whodunit

Peel back even more layers of the hit Benoit Blanc mystery.

Janelle Monáe on a movie set
Rian Johnson directs Janelle Monae in Glass Onion.

The ending of Netflix's hit whodunit Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery reveals who killed who. But there are apparently even more layers to be peeled back, because Netflix is adding a director's commentary from writer and director Rian Johnson.

The second film to star Daniel Craig as Benoit Blanc is layered with puzzles and mysteries, which will be discussed with Johnson along with insights into the filmmaking process. Glass Onion with the director's commentary will be available on Netflix Thursday, Feb. 23, from 10 a.m. PT. 

Commentaries, in which directors, stars and filmmaker discuss a movie while watching it, are a staple of DVD and Blu-ray releases. But you don't see many of them on streaming services. Disney Plus streams a lot of behind-the-scenes documentaries, particularly about Marvel and Star Wars shows, but Netflix hasn't released any since House of Cards many years ago. There are currently no plans to release Glass Onion on DVD or Blu-ray either. 

After a one-week run in theaters at Thanksgiving, Glass Onion began streaming in December. It was a holiday hit, hopefully justifying the millions reportedly paid by Netflix to Johnson in a bidding war over the rights to a Knives Out sequel. More Benoit Blanc adventures are on the way, while Johnson killed it again with the fun mystery series Poker Face, now streaming on Peacock.