Sinemia's $4.99 one-movie plan takes on MoviePass with plans starting today

Since a rising tide lifts all marketing boats, Sinemia's using MoviePass' current media popularity to launch a counteroffensive.

Screenshot by Lori Grunin/CNET

Sinemia, a less-hyped competitor to MoviePass in the movie-theatre subscription game, is taking advantage of MoviePass' recent notoriety by putting its subscriptions on sale. 

The lowest is $5 a month for one ticket at any theater.

The other plan sales are:

  • $7, down from $23 for two tickets per month
  • $10, down from $25 for two tickets per month including 3D, IMAX-4DX and more
  • $15 for three tickets per month including 3D, IMAX-4D and more

Note that even though the prices are monthly, they're billed annually, so they all really translate to about $60, $84, $120 and $180.

MoviePass resurrected its fan-favorite $10 monthly movie-a-day Ultimate subscription, but its recent change to limit your viewing to once per movie still stands

The company certainly isn't afraid to try new things. But that can backfire on it, since a lack of stability in offerings could send people into wait-and-see mode. They might even assume many of the subscription packages won't last -- a concern raised by our resident Cheapskate