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MoviePass $10 Unlimited plan returns from limbo

The movie-a-day subscription pass to coax people back into the theater has returned after a brief hiatus in limbo.


We briefly mourned five days ago when MoviePass took down its $10 a month Unlimited subscription, thinking it was permanent, but you can rejoice -- it just popped up back on the company's web site.

Our resident Cheapskate had already adjusted his recommendations to account for that, but he'll likely enter recalculating mode, so check back for the old math.

"MoviePass is excited to once again offer our popular $9.95 per month plan where you can see a movie a day in the theaters," reads a statement MoviePass provided to CNET. "The demand for this unlimited plan is incredible, and we have a clear path to even stronger growth. We're confident in our model, and we're looking forward to continuing to deliver great value to all of our members."